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Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse Job Vacancy

Role: Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse
(2 Positions)
Duty Station: Marie Stopes Kenya Mombasa Nursing Home, Mombasa.
Contract Type: Fixed Term- 2 Years (subject to renewal upon availability of funding)
Reporting To: Center Manager
Salary: Kshs.32, 000 Gross Pay.

Key Responsibilities
1. Client care:

  • Client counselling:  Provide comprehensive client counselling on reproductive health, other various services and other health matters.
  • Client satisfaction:  Taking necessary steps to ensure that all centre clients are treated with sensitivity, respect, and consideration.  If complaints are raised, be able to effectively manage and resolve them.  Refer promptly to the Centre manager fort management if client complaint continues or is of a serious magnitude.
  • Maintaining the highest possible standard of client care by providing quality care to all clients.
  • Implementing a smooth, efficient client flow which will reduce clients waiting time.
  • Monitoring and evaluating client care continuously and recommending adjustments as necessary.
  • Educating and giving information to clients and their relatives regarding family planning and other health related issues.

2. Budgetary Control:

  • Supplies Management:  Taking steps to ensure that stock is dispensed and counted accurately, that stock cards are updated continuously and waste and spoilage of stock (ie expired stock) and stock outs is minimised.  Ensure full participation in stock counting and ordering activities at the centre (including outreach, the laboratory, the main store and dispensing cupboard supplies). Timely alerting of the centre manager of low stock or discrepancies in stock counts / orders received.
  • Security and building maintenance:  Taking necessary steps to ensure that risk to all Marie Stopes Kenya assets are minimised, and that the centre building and vehicle are maintained in a sound and secure way.

3. Technical Excellence:
a) Client treatment: All nursing and midwifery staff shall:

  • Administer drugs prescribed in the correct dose, the correct route and at the correct strength for the client, gives injections in a safe manner using aseptic technique
  • Assists with Norplant & IUD insertion, MVA procedure, Pap Smear, Tubal Ligation and Vasectomy procedures. (Registered Midwives/Comprehensive Nurses may be trained to insert IUD, Norplant, VCT and to conduct MVA procedure)
  • Provides antenatal, post natal care, emergency deliveries (midwives), immunisation
  • Follows STI treatment protocols correctly
  • Achieve high uptake of appropriate FP methods by clients following counselling

b)  Clinical standards:

  • Taking necessary steps to ensure that the highest standards of reproductive health and family planning services are achieved, as laid down in the Marie Stopes Partnership Manual (including HIV/AIDS services) .
  • Nurse providers should conduct weekly checking of essential equipment and promptly inform the centre manager of their current status, and follow up repairs or maintenance required of equipment.
  • Carrying out all nursing procedures (as laid down in the procedure manual).
  • Maintaining high standards of cleanliness at the centre.
  • Practicing every known measure of infection prevention.
  • Storing sterile instruments according to the protocol.
  • Preparation of theatre/ labour ward for specified procedures.
  • Maintaining instruments and equipments e.g. to avoid rusty items.
  • Ordering medical supplies in good time to avoid shortage.
  • Ensuring proper storage of medical supplies.
  • Assisting the doctor in relevant procedures.
  • Nurse providers are responsible for the cleaning and sterilisation of instruments and supplies (gauze and cotton wool) in the Centre and Outreach.

c) Vocal Local, Infection Prevention, Emergency Preparedness:
With guidance from the Centre Manager, all nurse providers must familiarise themselves with Marie Stopes Kenya protocols and actively implement all the necessary tasks to achieve the highest standards.

4. Record Keeping and Reporting
a) Organisation’s Clients:  Ensure that company clients are attended to promptly; claim forms are completed accurately with correct costs calculated on forms.

b) Record keeping and reporting:

  • Taking necessary steps to ensure that accurate records are kept in the Centre, and that timely accurate reports are submitted to the Centre Manager.
  • All records handled by the nurse provider including client register, client cards, receipt books, must be updated daily and have complete details.
  • Records at the centre are the property of MSK, client records must be kept confidential at all times.  Prices charged to clients must be as per MSK price list.
  • Ensuring confidentiality of centre records.
  • Maintaining accurate records.
  • Collecting of data and production of reports as needed by Operations/Financial Team.

c) Budgetary control: Taking responsibility for costs to be contained within the approved annual budget.  Striving for income from services to meet or exceed budgeted targets.

5. Promotional Activities

  • Community Outreach: Nurses and midwives will participate fully on both centre and outreach activities on a rotational basis. Feedback on community outreach activities to be provided to the Centre Manager in timely basis.
  • Promotion: Fully participates on planned promotional activities including MSK social marketing activities.
  • Promoting the clinic through information and education programmes organized for individuals and groups at every available opportunity.
  • Strengthening marketing activities.

Job Requirements

  • Diploma in Nursing from a recognised medical institution.
  • Registered by the nursing council and possession of a valid practice license.
  • One year experience in a busy institution.

Applications quoting the position title with detailed CVs with contact details of 3 referees should be submitted to:

People and Development Dept using

On or before 12th July, 2013

NB: Please clearly indicate on the subject the position applying for ‘Registered Nurse’

Marie Stopes Kenya is an equal opportunity Employer

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